Safety on the Job © - certification

The demands the employees must comply with are set depending on the client’s desires. The certification requirements are set based on that. After concluding the course these requirements are tested individually in an independent exam.

Candidates that pass will receive a certificate.
The duration of the certificate’s validity depends on the safety scan made on behalf of the client. The maintenance requirements will also be determined based on that.
Provex maintains the exam protocols on its own account. For the company doing business with Provex courses, exams and administration can be realised in one fell swoop.
Duration and execution
depending on risk scan and education/certification plan
All languages desired
Depending on language, exam moment, size of group and location: we will be happy to make you an offer
The certificate of candidates who have passed this way, can be checked by sending an email to In this email mention the following for every candidate whose data you want to check:
  • Initials and full last name (required)
  • Date of birth (required)
  • Exam number (preferred)
You should receive an answer within 2 working days.