Assessoren / Examinatoren M.B.O. - Course

In the course for assessor the development of a number of individual competences for the education examiner is central. The course consists of multiple phases and thereby contributes to the consolidation of examination quality for educational institutions through its certified assessors.
The course begins with a two day training ‘Learning Competence-oriented Examining Assessor’. The training continues with some practice assignments for the participant in which building a portfolio is central. The course ends with a test of the examiner’s competence profile. This is an extensive course aimed at durability (thorough and individually process-oriented), collegial learning (360 degrees feedback and open learning environment) and a personal investment for the education assessor within his own educational task.
The core of the training are six examiner competences, based on the examiner’s competence profile and selected from extensive research in 2005. The six competences are as follows:
  1. Empathy, social sensitivity
  2. Skillful observation
  3. Ability to judge
  4. Critical and independent attitude
  5. Communicative fine-tuning, ability to phrase and justify clearly
  6. Ability to work systematically and procedure-oriented
2 days
On request an additional specific test and portfolio training is available (1 day)
Available on request
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