Information for participants in exam

The Test consists of three parts.
  1. An exam file that has been assessed satisfactorily (portfolio).
  2. An interview by Provex examiner regarding exam file that has been assessed satisfactorily.
  3. A written part in which you as an examiner respond to 4 cases, in under 1 hour.
The certified examiner/assessor will receive a card. The certificate is valid for three years. Within a 5 year period the validity of the certificate can be maintained by following a maintenance course. So after 3 years the candidate will no longer be certified but there will still be 2 years left for maintenance. Provex the maintenance course for examiners, assessors and second examiners through the Central Exam Service.
The educational institute is required to actively measure, maintain and decide upon the quality of everyone involved in the examination. This also goes for the examiners trained and certified by external institutions.
ad a: composition of an exam file that has been assessed satisfactorily
  1. Curriculum Vitae:
personal data
o   first name, initials, surname prefix, surname
o   home address
o   email address
o   date and place of birth
o   full time or part time education received after primary grammar school, if necessary with subjects chosen/specialisations
o   years of start and finish
o   concluded with/without certificate
o   relevant courses/trainings received, both full time and part time
o   years of start and month/year/period of finish
o   concluded with/without certificate
o   work experience (including work related internships)
o   employer, station, position (substance of position if so desired), period
o   reason for transfer
o   volunteer work
o   hobbies–sports–interests
o   personality traits
2. Analysis of competence development
State of affairs regarding the competences developed by you and your reflection on them.
3. Documents
You have administered at least 3 occupation-oriented Tests/Examinations as a candidate Examiner.
Per Test/Exam administered you need to deliver the following documents for the exam file:
o   a copy of the Test/Exam administered with assessment format
o   the assessment form co-assessor*
o   the assessment form independent third person**
o   the assessment form exam candidate***
o   a video recording of at least 10 minutes and at most 15 minutes of one of the Tests/Exams with both the candidate-examiner and the candidate clearly visible (to be delivered on dvd or flash drive; the recording must be playable in Windows Mediaplayer)
The exam file must have a title page, introduction and preface.
* The co-assessor is a fellow teacher or team leader observing the Test. This fellow teacher is also trained and/or certified.
** The independent third person can be a second examiner at the exam or a representative of private enterprise or a trade organisation.
***  The exam candidate is the student/participant whose test you administered.
The portfolio and its content will be discussed in a criterion-oriented interview. The assessors administering this exam want to get an impression of the way in which you command the knowledge and skills that are discussed in the portfolio.
Every candidate assessor will receive four cases. These are realistic exam situations, with ‘something going wrong’. The candidate assessor is expected to describe which actions should be performed. Two example cases are attached to this document. Per case a candidate assessor can receive a maximum of 10 points. To pass this section takes > 28 points. 
Applying for exam at Provex
The exam file needs to be delivered to Provex at least 14 days before the date of administration of the Test.
Provex will supply the result to candidate and client. You can expect this within 4 weeks after the exam date.
The exam result consists of a couple of elements:
A passing mark is needed for every section. 
  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Description of competence
  3. Reports of exams/tests administered
  4. Oral explanation
  5. Written part (cases) (at least 28 out of 40 points)
In conclusion:
  • Documents delivered digitally will not be considered.
  • If you send us documents by mail: always send them by ‘registered mail’.
  • Make sure you always have a copy of the documents delivered for your own administration.
  • Perusal: You have the right of perusal of the exam documents until 1 month after notification of the result.
Application – Reservation for the certification route:

PROVEX, P.O. box 151, 5830 AD BOXMEER