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Content of course
In the training for company assessor the development of a number of the company assessor’s individual competences is central. During the practice exam the company assessor functions as a second examiner alongside the assessor. This training is highly focused on the test as seen from the point of view of company-oriented action. For the training an integral form was selected in which the one or two day training will immediately be concluded with a test through Provex. This means a short course focused on efficiency (short and to the point), effectiveness (strong feedback and clear frame of reference) and a convenient investment for the company assessor alongside his or her own company task.
Six competences for the examiner, based on the competence profile of the examiner and selected based on extensive research in 2005 are central to the training.
These are the six competences:
  1. Empathy, social sensitivity;
  2. Skilfull observation;
  3. Ability to judge;
  4. Critical and independent attitude;
  5. Communicative fine-tuning, ability to phrase and justify clearly;
  6. Ability to work systematically and procedure-oriented.
Given the ‘directly involved’ position of the company assessor the emphasis in the training is on the competences communication, ability to judge and critical independence. The connection with the participant’s company frame of reference is very important. In order to make the training yield within the short time given, visual transfer and practice situations are used frequently and there is a lot of room for concrete feedback on performance.
Level of participants MBO/HBO: 1 day
Level of participants LBO/MBO: 2 days
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