Equivalent VCA

Do your people know what they need to know?
Although many people are certified through the regular VCA certificate, that does not mean it is always the best solution. VCA is mostly known in the Netherlands and Belgium; in a European or worldwide sense the acknowledgment of the Dutch VCA certificate is limited.
It is also unclear whether the VCA certificate familiarises people with the risks of their profession. It’s a global safety course after all. Certain subjects that are associated with your employee’s profession will not be or hardly be dealt with and subjects that have nothing to do with it will be dealt with extensively.
Provex thinks that the connection between profession and safety risks should be covered: that will also make you comply with Dutch legislation and regulations seeing as that requires companies to be able to prove that their employees know about relevant risks and safety issues.
With the equivalent VCA your employees get a certificate that is equivalent to the VCA certificate regarding quality and content on the one hand and more oriented towards their specific working circumstances on the other. Which has a beneficial effect on safety!

Checking certificate
If you wish to check whether candidates have passed through this exam route, do the following:
  • initials, surname prefix and surname
  • place of birth
  • test code 
You will then receive an email within a working day with the information Provex can give you.
Offer Personal Certificates Safety Provex
Provex offers the following personal certificates:
  • Basic Safety (equivalent to BeSaCC-SCC-SCT-VCA)
  • Safety for Supervisors (equivalent to BeSaCC-SCC-SCT-VCA)
  • Safety on the job – Specifically tuned to the company's and the employee's risks and safety aspects