Personnel Management

An ancient saying goes: "I hope you will have a lot of staff!"
It is a curious relationship, the one between employer and employee. You are dependent on each other in a very compelling way. Without good people you can’t have a good company. As an employer you are trying your best for that, only to find out that things with your people are not going the way you thought they would. Changes in behaviour, motivation and general attitude are things an employer would love to influence in a big way.
If you choose a relaxed approach, this will only work by the grace of the willingness and social baggage of those some people. No problem of course if it all fall into place. But it is a problem if you want to control it. It is a good thing then that work and services are not just determined by social skills; the trade often functions as a basis too. In practice it is easier to learn emotions if they are closely connected to technical actions. The formal approach leads to distance and incomprehension; the "I’m the boss and I make the decisions" approach is considered old-fashioned and often results in negative energy; with the employees but mostly with the employer as well.
It is not just about the relationship employer v employee however: all kinds of outside matters play a part too: for instance government, labour agreements, safety. They can’t always be structured and are often highly compelling for the organisation, for both employer and employee!
Personnel is not a goal but a means
Provex works with experienced people who are tried and tested in handling personnel. The company goal is essential; the personnel is not a goal but a means to get there. This may sound negative, but actually is very positive: this way of thinking and working often leads to clarity for both employer and employee. How to deal with this, how to deal with outside influences, how to respond to employees’ wishes, how to recruit and introduce people; but also how to say goodbye to them: Provex offers you a helping hand!